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Wild Trax Exotics is a small home cattery that raises two pedigreed breeds of spotted cats: Bengal Cats and Egyptian Maus. Wild Trax has been breeding these 2 breeds since 2002. We are located in central Arkansas. We are a TICA registered cattery and a member of The International Bengal Cat Society.

All of our kittens are lovingly hand raised underfoot in our home to ensure the most well adjusted, happy, healthy pet for you. Our kittens are well socialized with people and other animals and have super sweet temperaments, and come with a health guarantee. We have carefully selected our breeding cats for not only excellent temperaments, but also from lines that have had health screenings for genetic defects going back several generations or more. All of our kittens are TICA registered and come from champion bloodlines.

We are located in Arkansas, US.

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*We're wild about spotted cats!*

We strive to provide the best quality in breed type for each of the beautiful breeds we work with, and for exceptional temperaments and health. Our cats come from excellent pedigrees with many champions in their backgrounds. Our first priority in breeding, however, is for the best temperament and health. We provide a written contract, health guarantee, and life time support for all our kittens. We are a FeLV & FIV free cattery. We are also a closed cattery, we do NOT offer stud services.

Check out our Breed Comparison Chart to help you decide which breed is right for you!


*Exotic Looking & Flashy Bengals!*

We offer a variety of colors in Bengals, but we mostly focus on the brown spotted (rosetted) or also called the leopard spotted Bengals such as this highly rosetted bengal featured in the photo to the right and directly above. Our Bengal kittens offer wild looking faces, lots of glitter, excellent rosettes with high contrast backgrounds, puffy whisker pads, super soft pelts, and playful cuddly personalities. Our Bengals have super sweet temperaments, and loads of energy and curiousity, making them an interactive part of your family and household. Miniature Living Room Leopards! We have carefully selected our breeding bengals from bloodlines that have had several generations or more of ancestors HCM screened and do not have known genetic defects in the lines. Bengals are a spotted hybrid cat breed, developed from the small forest dwelling Asian Leopard Cat, in order to capture the wild looks of the ALC but with a domestic temperament requiring no special care. All of our bengals are SBT bengals, which is considered a fully domesticated cat by TICA. Visit our Bengal Breed Profile page to learn more about this gorgeous spotted cat breed!

*Stunning Egyptian Maus!*

We offer purebred Egyptian Maus from champion pedigrees in Silver, with the occasional Bronze and Smokes available. Egyptian Maus are one of the oldest domestic breeds of cat, and they are the only breed with naturally occurring spots. Maus are not a hybrid breed as the Bengals and Savannahs. Our Mau kittens are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also have extremely charismatic personalities. You'll never meet sweeter cats than this breed! They are super affectionate, loyal, sensitive to their owners moods, and playful! Please visit our Egyptian Mau Breed Profile page to learn more about this lovable breed.

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Tracy Wilson
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