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Wild Trax Bengal Breed Photo Gallery

There are several colors and patterns available in the Bengal Breed. Below are examples of some of the the Bengals we have produced and a brief description of that color or pattern trait. Please be patient for all photos to load, it's worth the wait!

*I apologize for the watermarks over the photos, but scammers have been stealing photos from legitimate breeders and posting cats for sale, that they do not have or own, on other websites in order to scam people. If you recognize our cats or photos on ANY other site that does not list our cattery name with the photos, please contact me. Scammers have been using my cat photos WITH the watermark on them on online classified ad websites and claiming to be affliated with me.


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Brown Spotted Bengals

The Brown Spotted Bengal (BST) is the standard color for Bengals. Sometimes this color is referred to as "leopard spotted" or "gold spotted". The background color can vary from light buff shades, golden rust colors, all the way to dark shades of browns, while the spots can also vary in color from rust, various shades of brown, and all the way to black. Spots can vary from a single spot, a spot with a shadow (open rosettes or arrowhead rosettes), and two toned rosettes (pawprint rosettes or donut rosettes). The background color should be a nice clear even color in order to provide good contrast against the spots or rosettes. Vivid markings with sharp contrast of colors is the mark of a show Bengal. The Bengal's glossy luxurious coat is short with a thick unusually soft texture. Eye color is typically a bright green for the Brown Spotted Bengal.

Brown Spotted Bengals are what we mainly work with at Wild Trax, striving for nice large donut rosettes on clear light backgrounds.

All the kitten photos shown on this page are kittens born at WildTrax. Many are young and still in their baby fuzzies. I apologize for the watermarks on the photos, but people have been stealing my cat photos and trying to scam people. watermarks will hopefully prevent them from stealing photos in the future. No photos on this website can be used by anyone other than WILDTRAX for any reason.

Snow Spotted Bengals

10 week old Mink Snow Bengals

The Snow Bengal has several color variations within the snow category. There is the Seal Mink Snow, Seal Lynx Snow, and Seal Sepia Snow. Snow Bengals generally have the most glitter of all the Bengal colors.

The Mink Snow has a cream colored background with tan to cocoa brown markings. They will have aqua (blue-green) to green colored eyes that will reflect green. The Mink Snows are born with some color, unlike the Lynx Snow who are born solid white. Snow markings are light as kittens but will get darker as they mature. Mink Snow markings at maturity are generally darker than the Lynx Snow.

Wildtrax does not currently offer any snow colored bengals. This is for reference to the colors of bengals only.

Mink Snow Bengals
12 week old Mink Snow Bengal
Seal Mink Snow Kitten
Adult Mink Snow Bengal

Seal Lynx Point Snows generally have an ivory background with tan to cocoa brown spots and markings. They are the lightest colored of all the snows. They have light blue eyes that will reflect red. They are born almost pure white and develop their color and markings as they mature. Therefore the older they get, the darker their coats. Generally by 6 months of age their markings will be fully developed.

Lynx Snow Bengal Kitten

Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal
Seal Sepia Snow Bengal
The Sepia Snow has a cream or light yellowish colored background with tan to rust brown markings, looking very similar to the Mink Snow, except they will have gold to green colored eyes. The Sepia Snows are born with some color, unlike the Lynx Snow, and their markings will get darker as they mature. Sepia Snow markings at maturity are generally darker than the Lynx Snow.

Silver Bengals

Silver Bengals are the newest color accepted by TICA (in 2004) as an officially recognized color in the breed. A Silver Bengal should have a background color that is silver to whitish, with black markings. Silver Bengals can be either spotted or marbled. A small degree of tarnishing (yellowing) is acceptable, especially along the spine, legs, muzzle and face. Although the less tarnish there is, the better the quality. Eye color may be gold, copper, green, bronze, brown or hazel.

Wildtrax does not currently offer any silver colored bengals. This is for reference to the colors of bengals only.

6 weeks old Silver Spotted Bengal Kitten
Playful Silver Bengal
Silver Bengal
14 week old Silver Spotted Bengal
Silver Bengal Kitten
4 week old Silver Bengal Kitten
Rosetted Silver Bengal

Marble Bengals

Tri-Marble Bengal

The Marble Bengal does not have spots but rather a swirling or marbleized pattern to it's coat. The swirling and flow of two contrasting colors is quite dramatic on the Marble Bengal. The Marble's face and legs will be marked similar to a spotted bengals, with small stripes and and spots. The Marble pattern can occur in any of the Bengal colors. A Tri-Marble Bengal generally has a mostly dark brown or black background coat swirled with a lighter color that can range from cream, to light tan, or goldish colors. Snow Marbles can come in all the snow color varieties, such as Seal Lynx Point and Seal Mink Point. Snow Marble color does take time to develop, as it does with the Snow Spotted colors. Their eye color will depend on the type of color the coat is, with Tri-Marbles having bright green eyes, Seal Lynx Points having blue eyes, and Seal Mink Points having aqua to green eyes.

Wildtrax does not currently offer any marbled bengals. This is for reference to the colors & patterns of bengals only.

10 week old Tri Marble Bengal Kitten
Mink Snow Marble
Seal Lynx Snow Marble
6 week old Tri Marble Bengal

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