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Contact Wild Trax Exotics

We are located just outside Hot Springs, Arkansas, in the Hot Springs National Forest.

The Best way to get in touch with me, Tracy Wilson, is by Email: tracy@wildaboutbengals.com

Email us or contact us by phone at 501-230-4072 between the hours of 10 AM to 8 PM Central Standard Time only please. Please leave a message, I will call you back as soon as I get a chance. I do work a full time job and have a farm to care for, so I cannot talk while I am tied up with work, which is why email is usually the way to get a faster response from me.

Visits? We are NOT a retail pet store or public zoo open to the public.

We get multiple requests DAILY for tours to come visit our cats. We simply cannot accommodate that kind of traffic coming in and out of our home. We are not a commercial cattery, we are hobby breeders and raise kittens in our home as our own pets. We also do not have kittens available at all times. We understand the natural curiosity about these beautiful breeds, but we cannot accommodate everyone that is curious. It is too disruptive to the animals and we have other responsibilities and jobs that limit our time available. We ask that you understand and respect that this is also our home, and we also have other jobs. We also do not allow heavy visitation traffic into our cattery because it is simply a health risk to our cats by having possible illnesses being brought in by visitors on their shoes, clothing, and hands, that you could expose our cats and kittens inadvertently. We offer a health guarantee on our kittens, and we could not do that confidently if we had high visitation traffic through our home and cattery. This is for our cats protection and for our buyers protection as well. It is also a personal security risk to allow a lot of random people who contacted us over the internet into our home, without getting to know a person first. We know dog and cat breeders in the US who have been robbed, assaulted, and even murdered in their own homes from people posing as potential buyers. Our safety and our animals security are priority for us. Thank you for your understanding.

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